8 AUGUST 2019


Viva Leisure Limited (“Viva Leisure”, “the Company” or “VVA”), a leading, technology-focused Australian health club owner, announces the launch of their Club Lime Member ID app, specifically designed to allow keyless entry into its 24/7 clubs via member’s mobile phones.


Club Lime Member ID is part of Viva Leisure’s commitment to continually improve the member experience.  Launched today, the Android and iOS native app allows members to access any Club Lime and hiit republic facility by simply tapping their phone on the dedicated reader located at the entrance of each facility.


Viva Leisure continues to engage with its customers through cutting edge technology. With Club Lime Member ID being an industry-leading solution to streamline access to each facility. Created by Viva Leisure, it is the first of its kind for a major operator within the fitness industry in Australia. 


Members wishing to use this technology no longer need to carry their access pass, keyring fob or membership card as their mobile phone with Club Lime Member ID app will now suffice as accreditation.


Harry Konstantinou, CEO and Managing Director of Viva Leisure shares:


“Our data told us that members wished to visit our facilities carrying as little as possible, with a large proportion attending with just their phone and headphones. The more conducive and accommodating we can be to this trend, the better we can serve our community and their health and fitness goals. Today’s launch of our unique Club Lime Member ID app will help streamline our member experience and make entry into any of our facilities more convenient.


Our health clubs are a place for our members to come and work-out, de-stress, socialise, and start or finish their day on an energy high. The easier and more accessible we can make that experience, the better for everyone.


Viva Leisure is the first major health club operator and brand in Australia to build and launch this technology, and it is available at all locations immediately.”


The app is available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play store from today.








For further Information, please contact:


Harry Konstantinou, CEO and Managing Director, +61 2 6163 8011


About Viva Leisure:


Founded in 2004, Viva Leisure operates health clubs (gymnasiums) within the health and leisure industry.  Viva Leisure’s mission is to connect health and fitness to as many people as possible and aims to provide its members with affordable, accessible and awesome facilities.


Viva Leisure offers customers several different membership options and a range of different types of facilities from big box fitness facilities to boutique fitness facilities.  The Company currently operates over 40 health clubs within the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, with the majority operating under the Club Lime brand.